Joint Statement by Baillieu Limited Chairperson David Trude and Managing Director Gavin Powell

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Our Approach

At EL&C Baillieu, we believe in harnessing the power of wealth to promote the welfare of others. Which is why we have a dedicated team of specialists on hand to offer expert guidance for both philanthropic contributors and non-profit organisations.

Whether you’re planning on providing social capital or expecting to receive it. With our carefully considered advice at hand, you can be sure you’re making a difference.

Individuals and Families

Choosing a philanthropic endeavour can be a very personal choice; one that likely carries much meaning for you and your family. That’s why our advice is tailored to you, and you only.

We’re here to help discern the most effective giving options for the causes and organisations that speak to you. Then, we’ll go about planning, structuring and implementing your contribution. All so your family can work together to make a change for the better.

In addition, our team is here to advise you on:

Growing Philanthropy

  • Presentations on effective philanthropy
  • Events highlighting outstanding social enterprises and organisations
  • Networking opportunities to share learning with peers

Ethical-Socially Responsible Investing

  • Bespoke investment strategies consistent with your objectives
  • Investments (not just giving) that make a difference



Non-profit Organisations

EL&C Baillieu’s expert advisers are highly experienced in working with non-profit clients. Indeed, it’s an area that we’re unreservedly passionate about. First and foremost, we’re here to offer you a service you can trust – complete with advice that is tailored to you only.

As well as guiding you on how to achieve the most with your financial resources, we provide bespoke investment advice and risk management on everything from effective investment governance to industry regulations.

In addition, our team is here to advise you on:

  • Philanthropic Services and Developing Philanthropy
  • Presentations on industry trends and developments
  • Events highlighting ‘best practice’ governance, risk management and development strategies
  • Networking opportunities to share learning with peers
  • Investment Management
  • Tailored investment solutions considering your objectives, income needs and cash-flow considerations
  • Explicit consideration of the tax advantages of non-profit organisations
  • Ethical-Socially Responsible investing for your circumstances


EL&C Baillieu is one of three brokers in Australia that donates its services each week to help ShareGift.

ShareGift is a registered charity which enables individuals to donate shares to charities quickly, cheaply (no brokerage) and efficiently.

Most of ShareGift’s work involves helping individuals (it is not available for SMSFs) clean-up small holdings of shares.

If you think about the corporate demerger/spin-offs over the last 10+ years, a lot of small holdings can build up in a portfolio. (e.g. BHP spun out South32, BlueScope; Woolworths spun out SCA Property Group; NAB spun out Clydesdale; Westfield shareholders ended up with OneMarket; and Wesfarmers spun out Coles.)

When you sell the shares via ShareGift, you can nominate a charity and the full value of the shares is tax deductible. It is a very simple process.

More details are available at

Other initiatives involve enabling shareholders to divert dividends to a chosen charity, and ShareGift also works with corporates and registries to enable shareholders to make the decision to donate spin-offs (as they did with NAB/CYB and WES/COL) when there is a corporate event. (e.g. Wesfarmers shareholders could tick a box to donate their Coles shares to ShareGift.)

If you have any questions, please call ShareGift on 1300 731 632.

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