Joint Statement by Baillieu Limited Chairperson David Trude and Managing Director Gavin Powell

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Institutional Equities

Our Approach

EL&C Baillieu’s Institutional Equities offering is a dedicated Best-in-Class boutique platform. With a sole focus on ‘Long Term Investor-Partnerships’, the Institutional Equities Division’s senior representatives have fostered strong domestic and international relationships. This effort has resulted in established relationships and account penetration across all major institutions, family offices and high net worth investors.

We work to ensure best execution with ease and speed across account opening, international execution and step out/give-up relationships – all of which are overseen by a dedicated institutional DTR. And with our own in-house settlement and clearing, all issues can be dealt with efficiently and immediately.


The EL&C Baillieu Institutional Equities Division (IED) team specialises in servicing small-mid cap focused institutional clients.

  • Senior experienced dealing team
  • Our dealing team develops deep relationships through demonstrated knowledge and results
  • Accurate market soundings / market intelligence
  • Strong aftermarket support
  • Comprehensive corporate access bringing together institutional investors and corporate clients worldwide

EL&C Baillieu ACTIVE

ACTIVE can help you manage your end-investor’s needs, hassle free. Available to financial planners and AFSL holders, ACTIVE has been designed to allow you to select from a range of investment managers and model portfolios, as well as your own portfolios. ACTIVE is here to help you meet your customers’ investment needs including active portfolio management.

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