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EL&C Baillieu Podcast – The Cloud with Montgomery Investment Management

Cloud computing is a global megatrend that is being led by technology giants Microsoft, Amazon and Google in a market that is growing at 30% per annum. But what does this mean for Australian companies?

Gary Rollo, Portfolio Manager at Montgomery Investment Management, joins the EL&C Baillieu podcast to explain cloud computing and the investment opportunities it presents, including:

  • What the cloud is and why companies are migrating to it;
  • The size of the addressable market and the potential duration of this megatrend;
  • How the cloud lowers barriers to entry for small companies and what this means for innovation; and
  • Key stock picks that play to the cloud theme – NextDC (NXT), Megaport (MP1), and Bigtincan (BTH).

Tune in to hear Gary discuss how the cloud is a significant enabler of growth for Australian small companies.

Duration: 38 minutes

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