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EL&C Baillieu Podcast – Afterpay with Tribeca

Afterpay (APT) is a leader and innovator in the payments sector as a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) provider. The company’s share price is up 750% since March, reflecting the rise of online spending and the progress of its global expansion.

But what is Afterpay’s business model and how does it earn revenue? What is the long term growth potential for the business? And what does increased competition mean for the sector?

Jun Bei Liu, Portfolio Manager at Tribeca Investment Partners, joins the EL&C Baillieu podcast to discuss Afterpay and the BNPL sector, including:

  • Why Afterpay’s proposition to customers and merchants has been so successful;
  • Why Afterpay has consistently exceeded analyst expectations over the last few years;
  • How to scope the potential market opportunity for BNPL providers and approach stock valuation;
  • How Australia’s other leading BNLP provider, Zip Co (Z1P), differs from Afterpay in its business model; and
  • The risks to the sector, including competition and regulation.

Tune in to hear Jun Bei explain why Afterpay and Zip Co are her key picks in the growing BNPL sector.

Duration: 39 minutes

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