Joint Statement by Baillieu Limited Chairperson David Trude and Managing Director Gavin Powell

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EL&C Baillieu Philanthropic Services: Building Success, Deepening Significance

The lucky country: Australia has enjoyed a record 27-years of uninterrupted
economic growth, more than quadrupling GDP and substantially outperforming
its peers. Australia also consistently ranks in the top 3 globally of the United
Nation’s Human Development Index. Reflecting these successes, Australian
household wealth has risen to a record ~775% of income, including 278,000
high net worth individuals. Record income, record living standards and record
wealth – Australians have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference.

Creating positive cultural change: More than ever, leading Australians are
engaging in philanthropy. A rising public profile and generous tax structures
have also helped lift individual giving to record levels. Australia can structurally
lift giving through five strategies: creating positive cultural contexts,
encouraging positive role models and networks, delivering positive donor
experiences, confronting the challenges to giving and developing positive

In “Building Success, Deepening Significance”, Baillieu promotes four strategies
for effective giving back: impact philanthropy; efficient giving structures;
effective investment strategies; and ethical-socially responsible investing.

  • Impact philanthropy: Five key principles are: a bias to organisations in the
    growth phase of their lifecycle; optimum diversification; focused risk
    management; regular review; and targeted reinvestment. We outline a simple
    eight-step process to create high “social return on investment” giving.
  • Efficient giving structures: Public and private ancillary funds, as well as trust
    structures, offer tax-effective platforms for philanthropy.
  • Effective investment strategies: Develop a high-performing team, apply key
    principles of financial governance and implement a well-designed investment
    policy statement.
    Robust ethical-socially responsible investing: Combining the principles of
    effective asset allocation and an ethical-socially responsible security selection
    process, we present an example Baillieu Ethical-Socially Responsible portfolio.

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