Joint Statement by Baillieu Limited Chairperson David Trude and Managing Director Gavin Powell

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What would a company founded in 1889 know about change today?
More than most.

A Century
of Expertise
in the Now

Our experience provides a unique perspective to evaluate the challenges and opportunities of today

One Size Fits One

Wealth Management

There’s one trait that separates a generalist from a specialist, and that’s an inquiring mind. Every meeting begins with a question and ends with advice that’s been tailored for you. Our team of specialists will soon become a part of your own, sharing personalised insights, research and advice on topics like asset allocation, portfolio management, financial planning, superannuation and everything in between.

Our advisers work with you to understand your unique circumstances, goals and appetite for risk. Our services can be as light-handed or as hands on as you need, as we shape the financial solutions to maximise returns and achieve your goals.

The Perspective of Experience

Investment Advice

At EL&C Baillieu, we’ve been dealing with the ups and downs of investment for over a century. This valuable experience helps us put current events in their proper context, allowing us to rationally evaluate the challenges and opportunities that arise in investment markets.

Our expert advice is delivered by over 100 advisers and assistants across eight locations throughout Australia. And it’s backed by the extensive capabilities of our in-house team of strategists and analysts, together with the global support of our partner Credit Suisse.

All so you can receive the very best wealth protection and wealth creation strategies to suit your needs.

EL&C Baillieu Presents

Mastering Change

Prue Gilbert

Change Advocate

A Finger on the Pulse of Today

Corporate Finance

EL&C Baillieu’s Corporate Finance Department has comprehensive capabilities and in-depth knowledge across a broad range of products and markets – all of which empowers our clients to meet their financial objectives. We have participated in over 300 transactions, 100 of which we’ve taken a leading role in. As a result, we’ve successfully raised over A$2 billion in the past five years.

Our in depth understanding of the market – supported by exhaustive research and strong institutional and retail distribution capabilities – allows us to deliver successful outcomes for our clients, time and again. And we plan on doing so long into the future.

Institutional Equities

EL&C Baillieu’s Institutional Equities offering is a dedicated Best-in-Class boutique platform. With a sole focus on ‘Long Term Investor-Partnerships’, the Institutional Equities Division’s senior representatives have fostered strong domestic and international relationships. This effort has resulted in established relationships and account penetration across all major institutions, family offices and high net worth investors.

We work to ensure best execution with ease and speed across account opening, international execution and step out/give-up relationships – all of which are overseen by a dedicated institutional DTR. And with our own in-house settlement and clearing, all issues can be dealt with efficiently and immediately.


At EL&C Baillieu, we believe in harnessing the power of wealth to promote the welfare of others. Which is why we have a dedicated team of specialists on hand to offer expert guidance for both philanthropic contributors and non-profit organisations.

Whether you’re planning on providing social capital or expecting to receive it. With our carefully considered advice at hand, you can be sure you’re making a difference.

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